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Pure Trade is a prominent frozen fruits and vegetables, as well as brine vegetables, producer in Egypt. After almost four decades in the business, Pure Trade is now a world-class manufacturer, as well as one of Egypt’s leading producers, of top quality frozen fruits and vegetables as well as brine vegetables. Pure Trade exports to almost all parts of the world, with a day-by-day growing market around the world. All of Pure Trade’s products are exported abroad.

Pure Trade Frozen Vegetables include all types of Frozen vegetables such as Artichoke bottoms in brine or frozen, Artichoke hearts in brine or frozen, Artichoke quarters in brine or frozen, Artichoke with stem in brine or frozen, Green Peas, Peas with Carrot, Mixed Vegetables, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Taro-roots, Okra, Strawberry, Molokhia minced or leaves, Sugar Corn, Green Beans, Cut green beans, Peeled Broad Beans, Peeled Beans, Olives, Pomegranate and Mango Slices.

The company's goal is to achieve the required quality in each stage in order to satisfy the customer through a set of strict laws and procedures applied by Quality Control Committee in PURE company at each stage of production, so we offer high-quality products as approved by more international quality laws complex and This is the culture of PURE company for providing pure and healthy products with the lowest prices, as there is no intermediary between us and our client. We are happy to cooperate together to build the world's confidence in a pure product from PureTrade Foundation for the manufacture of Egyptian agricultural crops.

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