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The most important feature of our company is to provide high quality products through an integrated team working together in harmony in order to obtain a high quality product in order to satisfy the customer and get the confidence that our quality team opens a line of communication with the customer through the tendency to receive your questions and queries which officials respond to Within 24 hours.

Several operations are needed during freezing including sorting, washing, cutting, blanching, freezing and packing. However, these operations vary with the types of vegetables.

Cultivation :

Pure trade ensures that the raw materials are of the highest quality and guarantees the nutritive values of the products. We monitor the whole process which begins in the field. We also make sure that everything is done with special equipment. Samples are taken from water and crops to check for heavy metal, pesticide residue, the acidity and alkalinity of the soil.

Sorting and Washing :

We use special care in sorting as even a small quantity of inferior material can spoil the flavor of the products. Vegetables like Okra and artichokes are sorted according to size to be prepared for blanching and packing. At this stage, washing is essential to remove soil and grit to wash away foreign objects.

Blanching :

Products are blanched for 1 to 10 minutes depending on the size of individual vegetable or fruit pieces. Blanching time varies depending on the intended product use. Moreover, the process is carried out at 95º using de-ironed and decalcified water to avoid biological pollution. This process is a must for almost all products except strawberries. Blanching has the effect of reducing the activity of derivative enzymes and kill microbes that can cause loss of flavor, natural color and texture.

Cooling :

This stage is carried out immediately after blanching to prepare for the IQF tunnel so the product can reach its best preserving temperature at -18°C and to ensure better quality. As soon as the cooling stage is complete, products are drained thoroughly as extra moisture can cause a loss of quality when vegetables and fruits are frozen.

Freezing :

To maintain top quality and lock in freshness, the products are rapidly frozen to the core at - 40º c by IQF (Individually Quick Frozen Technology).

Quality Control :

Pure trade uses only the finest vegetables. The entire production process is monitored with a series of important and detailed checks that include the HACCP industry standard control as well as some comprehensive checking producers which pure trade food imposes upon self. All raw materials are subjected to quality control process or QC which reviews the quality of all factors involved in production and emphasizes testing of the vegetables to uncover defects.

In pure trade, all vegetables and fruits must be carefully inspected both before and after freezing to ensure quality. During production process, they go through chemical, physical and organoleptic control where the aspects of food or other substances as experienced by the senses, including taste, sight, smell, and touch

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